spyda's ska/punk/hardcore

welcome, i'm glad you have found my page. now you must make a very important choice. where will you be after death? if you believe in what science is telling you, why are you living? you think you are going to be just as dead as the next person, your teasures on earth will leave you. are you ever going to be happy, it's hard in this world. will your ever be the best? you will fail. this world will fail you. don't trust money. don't trust your illusion of happiness. make a decision to live for something. this page is my beliefs and God. read carefully. don't judge. i just ask that you give Jesus a fair chance in your life.


by spyda


*i advise the frames version if you can. the non-frames version isn't as easy to navigate. i have recently reduced the amount of Java since people told me it was crashing their browsers. i also have made many "branch" pages to keep from having so many images to load on one screen. i tried to make it as best i could to keep you from getting stuck in my frames. i update alot and add many new things to my page. please bookmark this page and tell me what you think. you can contact me through the guestbook, pager, or email.

it's the end of the line